Ubuntu’s unity sucks => switching to xfce

When Ubuntu started using unity, I did not like it at all.

Menus are a complete mess, I don’t like the interface, it’s not user friendly at all.

Now that I just upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10, it’s even worse!
When performing atl+tab, the system is switching between all applications, not the ones that are on your current desktop as it used to be.

Personally I am done with unity and switching to xfce.
As a general rule, Ubuntu should not change things on every release. If I am not convinced with xubuntu, I will leave ubuntu world for something else.
Too bad.

For instructions on how to install xfce on your existing installation, you can read the following post which contains detailed instructions (mainly installing xubuntu-desktop package).

Lots of people on the Internet see Unity for Ubuntu to be the same as what Vista was for Windows: a mistake.
Releasing beta products and considering them stable when they are not is not going to raise much fans, at least not me.


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  1. Jaz Says:

    UNITY - Dumbed-down Linux for Dumbed-down users! UBUNTU - Linux for human beings (with an IQ of about 8)
  2. Brits Says:

    I found a way that can make Unit not-so-sucking. http://www.skipser.com/p/2/p/how-to-customise-ubuntu-to-optimise-productivity-with-unity.html Not really a flower shower, but really a life saver.
  3. Xander bilmonchuk Says:

    Can I just suggest that the only rational explanation for how horrible Unity and Gnome 3 are is that Microsoft or other terrified proprietary competitors have planted moles on the dev team to destroy this once awesome interface and cause the slow death and abandonment of Ubuntu. Nothing less could explain this unspeakably horrible trainwreck of an "upgrade" to such a previously awesome system. I am being completely serious here- nothing this unbelievably horrible has a benign origin- this is enemy action.
  4. Bachi Says:

    Unity sux so much – let Canonical know! Sign this petition (futile or not, just let them know) – http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/ubuntu – and share it on other blogs and boards.
  5. IGnatius T Foobar Says:

    Ubuntu has jumped the shark. Considering how openly hostile Mark Shuttleworth has been towards existing users, the majority of whom *hate* Unity, I think it's pretty obvious that it's the end of the line for Ubuntu. I did an "apt-get install xubuntu-desktop" as a quick fix, but eventually I reloaded my desktop systems with Debian (which lets you choose your favorite desktop at install time). Ubuntu's value add was originally that they had a good looking desktop and a smooth installation experience that just works. Now that they've made their desktop into an unusable candy-coated turd that looks and acts like a broken smartphone, that value add is gone. Goodbye, Ubuntu. It's been a great five years but this is the end of the line.
  6. Some Linux User Says:

    I have had it with companies crapping out eye-candy OSes that actually don't work! I'm staging an online protest; on every forum you go to, attach this picture as your signature: http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/669/fffuuubuntu.png Better yet, post this picture in every forum's image thread & in every image board. Better yet, join Ubuntu's forums & post it there! Just spread the word; Unity sucks & Cannonical's user base has enough of this!
  7. Desappointed Says:

    Sorry for my english, i'm belgian. I'm so desappointed of Unity. For example, it's very hard to find where all the settings are. (don't tell me where, i found them after a long time searching, google is my friend) I think that Ubuntu 11.10 with Unity desktop is as bad as Vista was for Windows. I hope that the next version of Ubuntu will abandon Unity to restore some reputation. I spend my time showing the simplicity of ubuntu to my friends and family. Now, with Unity, it's a little harder ! I'm like an orphan without his parents that are "simplicity", "efficiency"
  8. Goofyfoot2001 Says:

    WTF are these guys thinking? I'm no unix guru but I loved the old Ubuntu. Installed 11.10 today on a thumb drive because my Windows 7 crashed. I can't find the damned terminal window for goodness sake. I'm typing the word "terminal" in every gadamned search box I can find and NOTHING happens. Where the hell is the damned (very hot chick just walked by..blond, nice fanny) applications menu!

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