installing sqldeveloper on centos

Steps to install sqldeveloper

  1. download rpm from oracle website or simply run `sudo apt-get install sqldeveloper-package` to install it from repository
  2. once sqldeveloper is installed, create connection, if test fails with error message “Network Adapter ….” this may simply mean:
    • hostname is not in /etc/hosts and as such computer running oracle cannot be fetched
    • port on oracle is blocked by firewall. To test this, simply run
      telnet <ip> <port>

      to check if port is opened
      If not open, edit

      vi /etc/sysconfig/iptables

      and add a line (same as for port 22) for oracle port (default port 1521)
      Then run

      service ipconfig restart

      Quick telnet will confirm if port opening was successful
      Note: to disable firewall altogether, simply run `service iptables stop`


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