How WWE lost me with Royal Rumble 2009

Well I’ve just finished to watch Royal Rumble 2009, and I must admit WWE lost my audience.

I’m not a huge fan of wwe, but I quite like it. I followed for sthg like 2 years and enjoyed it.

My best wrestlers?
1. Bastista (so great!)
2. JBL (so fun)
3. Y2J (Chris Jericho – so irritating!)

Why am I no longer watch WWE? Pretty simple, they’ve crossed the line with their story line.

1. It started very bad with that lamy storyline of JBL contracting Shawn Michael to help him gain WWE title, because Shawn was broke due to the financial crisis (and global economic downturn).
Well, I afraid there are some things we should not make too much fun of. Some real people are now in huge trouble due to this crisis, some lost their jobs (and for sure they’re not making $800K a year), others even commited suicide.
So playing with this using a cheap story line? No thx, it stinks.

2. It got even worst with Randy Horton. I’m afraid there are some things that should not be seen to kids. Kicking your boss in the head because you don’t agree with him is not a practice we should teach to our kids. Apparently it’s not wwe’s point of view. Sorry I’m out of here. So when the only thing they find is to make Orton win Royal Rumble so that he wins his title match at Wrestlemania 25, can be fired in between and is assured to come back, I do not agree, I must say I disagree.

Of course in wrestling everything is fake, but let’s place some limits. To most of the viewers (esp. the youngest), this is not fake, so we have a responsibility toward them, to teach what’s good and what’s not. Here, the only thing we’re preaching is that we can do anything without regarding morality.

Faking Jeff Hardy car accident is not fun, real people die in car accidents every day. I’m afraid faking Jeff Harding head-burn on stage using fireworks is not fun either. Neither is making fun of 70 year-old ladies, nor making 60-year-old guys wrestle with 20 year-old ones and do as if each punch they made were devastating.

As a general rule, WWE wrestlers are astonishing, outstanding actors! But WWE goes to far with their 2-cents story lines.

In fact I realized that foreign version of wwe is far more exciting than us-version, speakers make a lot more jokes about it and don’t act as if it was serious business, something real as us-speakers do. And that’s what bothers me a lot, behaving as if everything was reality when everything is fake, decided before battles even begin. Each month a new pay-per-view is presented as if it were the next big show of the year, when it’s merely nothing but cheap faked storylines, each single time…

WWE wrestlers are great, but WWE managers really suck.

I outy, sorry dudes.

PS: Batista, you’re so great. Thanks for the pleasure you gave me.
I will still enjoy watching some of your fights from time to time, if any.

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