[necessary tools]

  • xp: online in less than <5 mins
  • start small: bits per bits, and not everything at once “small steps are better”
  • develop parts in isolation, as standalone components, and make them communicate
  • when changes are made => set them online immediately
  • document code as you type (and require code to be properly documented (incl. js). With php, implements phpdocumentor standards => generate an api documentation immediately
  • xp: yagni
  • xp: the quicker way the better
  • set up a bug tracker (trac?)
  • set up a version handler (subversion?)
  • implement unit tests (including manual tests) and run a checklist on them
  • roadmaps
  • define and communicate on practices in place such as:
  1. coding style
  2. code documentation style
  3. file name convention
  4. revision control storage
  5. frequence of changes into revision controls
  • => once define, write them down on a wiki (incl. into Trac) so that they can be used as reference and communicate on them
    (can seem a bit heavy to do all this prior to any coding, but it’s absolutely necessary because will save huge pains in the future + it’s reusable for other projects)
  • add code reviews too

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