Steps required to execute a task

Here is the sequence of events including the steps required to execute a task:

  1. Raise a ticket (trac)
  2. Target to a milestone
  3. Assign to a developper
  4. Create a branch (svn, named after the ticket id)
  5. Make the changes
  6. Merge into the trunk (in merging comment, refer to related ticket id)
    The decision to merge should be based on one question only “is the feature complete?”. If the answer is positive, we should stop coding, commit and merge. We should not be tempted to overdevelop a feature or re-use a branch – once we have commited the changes and merged into the trunk, then the branch should be discarded or even deleted.
  7. Remove the branch
  8. Resolve the ticket

Make sure you don’t skip any of these steps.

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