lexmark x4650 on linux [it works!]

It looks like Lexmark finally released some drivers for its printers on linux!!!

This is great news!

Simply go to www.lexmark.com, click on the download section, then enter your printer name (x4650 in my case) and hit search.
Click on drivers & downloads, then click on ‘downloads’ tab and if you’re lucky you will be able to download the driver for your distribution.

Once you’ve downloaded the gz file, unzip it and execute the shell script as root from a terminal.

I did not believe it, below are the printscreens!

Don’t get too enthusiastic though, printing works through usb cable connection, so far I did not make it work through wifi. Anyway, it’s a start, my printer is no longer a total paper weight!


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  1. neurignacio Says:

    use the printer wireless, you should extract the ppd configuration file from the script. // Keep the installation files in a temp folder 1) sudo ./lexmark-08z-series-driver-1.0-1.i386.deb.sh --keep --target ./temp // Untar the file containing the deb file 2) sudo tar -xvf arch.tar 3) Extract the deb file: lexmark-08z-series-driver-1.0-1.i386.deb 4) Here you will find a DEBIAN folder and a usr folder. 5) Add a printer as you would normally do in Ubuntu 6) Find your printer in the wlan. 7) Use the ppd file which in my case it was: ./usr/local/lexmark/08zero/etc/lx36-46.ppd I hope I remembered the process correctly, otherwise try to get that ppd file on your own. ;-)
  2. remy Says:

    Wonderful! I thought wifi-printing on linux would stay only a dream. thanks for sharing
  3. gg Says:

    "downloaded the gz file, unzip it and execute the shell script as root from a terminal." for a newbie could you explain step-by-step how to do this. do leave anything out. thanks
  4. remy Says:

    1.unzip it (via command line from a terminal): => tar -xzf OR in a graphical desktop environment, right click on the file then click on "extract here" 2. go into newly created folder (note: you can run ls -l to find it) cd 3. execute the shell script as root sudo ./*.sh 4. follow instructions on screen I hope it helps. Cheers.
  5. Teddy Says:

    I followed the instructions and got the USB printing to work, but how do I connect WIFI? I did use my XP box to connect to the printer and gave it a name and IP address is what it designated. But how do I get my linux box to find the printer WIFI? -tedD
  6. remy Says:

    no idea on that point. I no longer have it and when I had it, at first no printer driver was available at all and finally lexmark realeased one so that you could at least connect to the printer via usb, which was really great news because so far the printer was a dead weight on my linux box... (and I am linux only) Maybe they improved linux support since, to have wifi work as well, but I have no idea. Cheers, Remy
  7. Andrew Says:

    Doesn't work with newer versions.

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