how to use zonecheck to check your DNS

When you handle a domain name in .fr, AFNIC first check the domain name with zonecheck and if this test fails, then dns is not updated. As such it’s better to check your target dns first with zonecheck and then ask for the transfer.

Let’s say I want to redirect domain name to two new dns servers: &

Here are the steps:

  1. before all, install zonecheck:
    apt-get install zonecheck
  2. perform your test:
    zonecheck --ns ";"
  3. if you have a success, then it’s great. Otherwise you can perform the test with additional debugging using appropriate verbose option:
    zonecheck -v o --ns ";"

For more information, refer to man page of zonecheck.

Of importance is the fact of having to wrap the list of your dns server names into double quotes, without them the script will not run properly.


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