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taxe tv pour ordi!

choosing a flat

Rules to keep in mind when choosing a flat: always on the last floor: simply impossible to live with neighbors above (dog nails on the floor, people walking, unknowm object rolling…) never chose a building that has all its rooms on the street/road: you won’t have any room where you don’t hear cars, people shouting, klaxons, buses…) this is extremely exhausting, make sure you have at least one room that’s far from the road avoid “cubes”, ie. a flat with at least four neighbors: make sure some rooms are isolated (there’s always neighbor’s tv, phone, scoring noises…) avoid HLM, prefer […]

[necessary tools]

xp: online in less than <5 mins start small: bits per bits, and not everything at once “small steps are better” develop parts in isolation, as standalone components, and make them communicate when changes are made => set them online immediately document code as you type (and require code to be properly documented (incl. js). With php, implements phpdocumentor standards => generate an api documentation immediately xp: yagni xp: the quicker way the better set up a bug tracker (trac?) set up a version handler (subversion?) implement unit tests (including manual tests) and run a checklist on them roadmaps define […]

Hello world!

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