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drupal: gmap module generating a ‘js/gmap_markers.js’ error

Gmap module in drupal kept generating the following error “Le fichier choisi /tmp/file2to4S3 n’a pas pu être transféré, car le répertoire de destination js/gmap_markers.js n’est pas correctement configuré.” claiming that destination folder ‘js/gmap_markers.js” is not properly configured. I searched the web and did not find a solution to it. I tried gmap module settings, but without any success. Since the maps I use are pretty basics and do not make use of markers, I simply modified gmap.module file and commented out the following line: #file_save_data($contents, “$jspath/gmap_markers.js”, FILE_EXISTS_REPLACE); By doing so (prepending ‘#’ to the line), error is no longer displayed […]

drupal: admin_menu working in drupal-6.12 but not in drupal-6.13

Today I upgraded drupal from version 6.12 to 6.13 and it ended up with a nice error message: Fatal error: Only variables can be passed by reference in /drupal-6.13/sites/all/modules/admin_menu/ on line 536 At first, I thought it was an error in admin_menu 3rd-party module, but after looking at it more closely, it appeared to be a drupal bug. system_clear_cache_submit() signature changed from drupal-6.12 to drupal-6.13 with no obvious reason. Below are the signatures in both drupal-6.12 & drupal-6.13 (system_clear_cache_submit function is declared in /drupal/components/system/ function system_clear_cache_submit(&$form_state, $form) { // drupal-6.12 function system_clear_cache_submit($form, &$form_state) { // drupal-6.13 Arguments have been switched, making […]

drupal: steps to set your website live (localhost to server)

Here are the steps to move your drupal website from localhost to live server: update /drupal/sites/<all_your_site_folders>/settings.php to match your new sql settings empty localhost db caching tables (all those tables starting with ‘cache_’ or ‘<prefix>_cache_’ ) this is an IMPORTANT step, website did not work for me until I cleared caching tables export your sql table and load sql data on your online sql server upload your drupal files online if you are on a multisite mode: you must also rename your site folders to match new domain-name ex: /drupal/sites/site1.localhost should be renamed into /drupal/sites/ you might need to update […]