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Moodle: I only have 4 answers in questions within lessons

By default, questions within lessons have only 4 answers. Customize number of answers This setting can be customized when creating the lesson or by editing the lesson although this is not that obvious. In moodle 2.0, this setting is not editable by clicking on the lesson itself, but rather clicking on the parent course object. In next screen, you can set the number of answers for this lesson: Update of default value Note that you can update the default value so that a specific number (other than ‘4’) is selected by default when creating a new lesson. To do this, […]

Moodle: blank page when customizing moodle code

This issue had me for a couple of hours! In case, like me, you prefer doing a backup a file before modify it (for debugging purposes for instance), make sure you do modify file name BEFORE .php extension. For example, let’s say I want to modify /moodle/mod/lessons/pagetypes/matching.php. OK: matching-backup.php NOT OK: matching.php-backup I don’t know the reason, but if the backup file starts with the very same name as the original file, you end-up with a blank page!

How to display debug/php errors in moodle

When you’re in a development environment and try to customize/delve-into moodle code, it can be pretty handy to have moodle correctly set debug settings. To do so, simply update /moodle/config.php file with the following settings: $CFG->debugdisplay = 1; $CFG->debug = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE; Ideally you would condition this by a ‘development’ value for an environment variable defined within apache config file so that no sensitive information will be displayed once live. These settings will then be read by /moodle/lib/setup.php which will activate debug options based on the configuration you did.