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“wikiway” wordpress plugin

(no business idea since open source) If we have time, develop a wikiway wordpress plugin, that replicates “Track” wiki formatting. Idea is pretty simple, you write as within Track wiki and your content gets displayed nicely

gps locator

Based on new low-cost extra-small gps chips, it could be good to create a gps-tracking service. Idea is pretty basic: customer buy the chip (fully integrated circuit, miniature, power independent (>2yrs)) it places it whereever he wants (within bicycle tube for instance) and pay only on view (for instance when its bicycle is stolen) plus you could add services such as activate a move-warning: when object move, you receive msg / phone call and so on, so that you can put a chip anywhere (within bike, car, laptop…) and go to the police with this information to get your stuff […]

Python documentation

Honestly each time I open online python documentation, I want to cry! It’s pretty useless, and doesn’t stand a single second facing php doc. Proof of it: each time I look for information on python, I go on google and not on python documentation website. it’s far too much verbose you don’t have any working example you don’t have any search field (!) each page is a standalone content, you don’t have any link between pages the way functions are regrouped is pretty obscure to me users can’t leave any comment Well I am sure we can do a lot […]

Réussir le 1yr freeway

Pour réussir le 1yr freeway, il faut absolument s’entourer de personnes et ne rien faire tout seul. Car à tout faire tout seul, je ne ferai rien. Dès l’arrivée sur valence et que la situation est stabilisée : se mettre en recherche de stagiaire (de préférence espagnol histoire de parler cette langue) pour travailler sur facilenvoi Mon role sera alors d’encadrer le développement du projet cela me libèrera du temps pour commencer rapidement jsdocumentor faire en parallèle le white-paper du babelcoach, et regarder du coté de l’outsourcing online pendant que babelcoach avance, une fois facilenvoi fini et pendant une pause […]

1-yr freeway

Starting from now, I’ve exactly one year to test the freeway and see if it suits me. What I must do within this year is: create a company and launch facilenvoi project recruit people to work on misc projects (facilenvoi + babelcoach (and use it to learn a new language)) launch open source project jsdocumentor pass CFA1 && CFA2 That’s it and  enough! If in one year, I don’t feel comfortable with my situation or don’t generate enough money for a living => candidate at murex (or other SSII)m but especially murex, using CFA. (Try to pass java certification too […]

jsDocumentor: description

Develop it with module/plugin format. Implement a base Documentation object (.shortDesc, longDesc, @params of multiple types) Get inspired from phpDocumentor. Content parsers should be plugins. You have one plugin for: mootools, prototype, jquery, YUI… They should simply take as input string (file content) and return Documentation objects Think of a way to link documentations one with another. Output objects in xml format so that data can be passed to different view handlers (xml, html, xmlbook, pdf…) To recruit people, do as minix3 did, i.e. google ads

jsDocumentor Open Source project

Faire un jsDocumentor, similaire to phpDocumentor. En effet, JS files are becoming bigger and bigger, especially with possiblities offered by mootools and other frameworks in term of oo emulation. Initiate an open source project (buy domain name, set up environment (tract, svn…)) and communicate on it to have people participate into it. Therefore, I have a name in OpenSource community, useful for CV in case of, plus it’s a way of participating into open source development (credibility to be a packt reviewer and so on). locate a repository (sourceforge,, codeplex) decide on the language (php don’t looks ok since […]

Depot / vente on ebay (troc on line)

New business idea. Very easy, in a sentence: you do as troc-de-lile but your customers are online (and you use auctions) Great idea!!! all you have to do is have a storage area, and sell online. You take a percentage on the sale. You can: take objects at the supplier place (fees) or he takes it to your place all you do is define a min price + max timeframe if you sell it, you take a %, otherwise no %. at the end of the timeframe, you can take it back to the supplier (fees) or he comes and […]