fenv feedback

I’ve spent more than a week on fenv specs, writing development guidelines, and what I feel is that I’m stuck in too much details.

Keep in mind this golden rule: goes from general to details  (and not vice versa).

I applied this, but not sufficiently. Instead of trying to finish core_component, I will draw a raw picture of HTTP GUI and use it to finish core_component doc.

Make a documentation quite generic and allow developers to have freedom. If I make too many restrictions on development, I won’t find any freelance. => place incentives on restrictions, and do not do programmers’ jobs. Keep in mind this rule too “I don’t care how it works, provided it works”. Well do not appy it too strictly either, but think of it (not too much details).
Core_component needs to be detailes since another app will rely on it, but not GUIs. => From general to bottom, make a quick guide (1 week left only).

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