run virtualbox on kimsufi server

Just bought a low-end kimsufi server (atom D425) and tried to run virtualbox on it.

Host os is Ubuntu Desktop 14.02

Proceed as follow

  1. revert to Ubuntu stock kernel instead of tweaked ovh one:
    [UPDATE: ignore this section, rather simply use advanced mode when installing distribution and select to use native distribution kernel]

    sudo apt-get install linux-image-server
    mkdir ~/ovh.d/
    sudo mv /etc/grub.d/06_OVHkernel ~/ovh.d
    sudo update-grub
    sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic
  2. restart machine
    sudo shutdown -r -f now
  3. install virtualbox
    //sudo apt-get install virtualbox // update: do not do this since version in ubuntu repository is quite old, download from instead
    sudo dpkg -i <downloaded_vbox.deb>

Virtualbox should run by now.

On my side I was not able to start virtualbox guests until package linux-headers-generic was installed, followed by re-installing package virtualbox-dkms.

centos configuration

In order to install virtual-guest-additions, proceed as follow:

  1. start guest
  2. ensure network is up and running (sudo ifup eth0 – check network icon)
  3. “yum install kernel-headers-2.xxxxxxxx” where xxxxxxx is revealed in error message when installing virtualbox guest additions or returned by “uname -a”
  4. also install: “yum install kernel-devel gcc”
  5. as root, install virtualbox guest additions: /media/VBOX*/

Compilation should now be successful, restart guest, everything should be ok by now


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