cfa cbok: summary vs. conclusion

I am preparing CFA level I, and I must admit I’m pretty impressed by the amount of required knowledge.

It’s indepth knowledge on almost all key fields in finance (corporate finance, market finance, economics, statistics/econometrics… including ethics!), well you’re not asked to have a phd in those domains, but indepth mastering is still required (surface knowledge won’t do it given the amount of data in each domain).

By preparing just level one, you’re sure to get enough background to speak with specialist on each domain. For this, a big thank you to CFA (personnaly what I share most, is the idea of “lifelong learning”).

As a whole, all books are well-written and interesting. If I had one critic to give it’s on a few chapters where unfortunately authors wrote conclusions instead of summaries as stated, therefore leaving on yourself the responsibility to write your own summary.

Besides this conclusion versus summary thing, books are great. I highly recommend any guy wanting to have a career in Finance to enroll in the CFA program. Today more than ever, it’s code of ethics becomes a necessity in financial profession.

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