word 2010 – create custom numbered fields and create a table of content out of them

Below are the steps to number TODO items automatically inside a word document and create a list of all the TODO entries existing.

Numbering of fields

Numbering of fields is called creating a “SEQuence” in words language.

  1. Click on “Insert” tab > “Quick Parts” down arrow > in field names list, select SEQ > create entry SEQ TODO
  2. Click on File tab > Options > Advanced > scroll to section “Show document content” > tick”Show field codes instead of their values”This will actually allow to see the code behind those fields.
  3. Go back to the word document and type the following:In order to type “{ SEQ TODO }”, fist hit CTRL+F9, which will create the curly braces, then simply type SEQ TODO inside those curly braces.
    For second line, simply copy/paste previous line and change “activity1” into “activity2”.
  4. Go back to File tab > Options > Advanced > scroll to section “Show document content” > untick “Show field codes instead of their values”
  5. Hit F9 to refresh fields, you should now see something like this:Congrats!!
    At this stage we know how to number fields, simply copy/paste them and numbering is happening automatically throughout the document.Next step is to create a table of content or list of those TODO entries.

Table of content

In order to create a list of our TODO entries, proceed as follow:

  1. Place yourself in the document where table of content is to be inserted
  2. Hit CTRL+F9 to insert a computed field
  3. In between the brackets, type { TOC \c “TODO” }, as per below:TOC tells word that we are creating a table of content, \c is to create it, “TODO” is the name of the sequence for which this table of content is being created.
    This is the name we defined in the first steps when creating a new sequence.
  4. Right click on the computed field > Update Field
  5. And voila! You should now see something like this
    Easy 🙂

At this stage, we can now have automatically number items and have a table of content for those items.

Note: to refresh page numbers and field numbers, hit F9 on the keyboard as per usual with such type of fields.


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