Setup github webhooks for jenkins

This post describes required steps to setup up github webhooks for jenkins so that builds start upon github repository actions.


  • You have a github account and a repository defined there
  • Jenkins is up and running and accessible from web
  • In case of private repository, you may want to read configure jenkins to log in into Github

Configure github

  • log into your github account
  • select your repository > Settings > Webhooks > add new webhook
  • configure your webhook as per below:
    • append “/gihub-webhook/” to end of your jenkins url
    • choose type “application/json”
    • select events “Pull requests” and “Pushes”
    • flag your webhook as active

Github part is now done!

Configure Jenkins

Simply create a “multibranch pipeline” project providing a Jenkinsfile in your repository. Jenkins will react to all events performed on github.
See jenkins getting started tutorial for minimal mulibranch pipeline setup


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