Put files/folders out of svn revisionning

WARNING: below information work for data that is not yet under versionning control (ie. that appears with ‘?’ prefix when running ‘svn status’)

Unfortunately it looks like it’s not possible to ignore a file that’s already under versionning => move its content into a file that won’t get modified, unversion your file and flag it to be ignored as explained below.

If you have some file or folders that you do not want svn to track them, you need to set “ignore” property as explained below.

Let’s say we have the following structure:

  1. go to parent folder of the item you want to be ignored (cd /myproject)
  2. run ‘svn propedit svn:ignore <parent_folder_name>’
  3. your favorite text editor is automatically open, simply list here all file/folder names that are in your parent_folder and that you want to be ignored by svn, separate them with a new line feed
    for example, to ignore all file/folders starting with tmp_, write “tmp_*”
  4. save your list of file/folder names to be ignored
    svn should print something like: “Set new value for property ‘svn:ignore’ on ‘<parent_folder_name>'”
  5. That’s it!

To view your changes, if you run “svn status”, your files should no longer be visible.
To make them appear, run “svn status –no-ignore”, your files should now be visible with an “I” flag.

note: I ran into the following svn error: “File or directory ‘XXX’ is out of date; try updating svn: The version resource does not correspond to the resource within the transaction”.
As stated within error msg, a simple “svn update” on that folder solved the issue


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