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resize multiple images using shell

Good news for linux users, bulk resizing pictures is extremely easy thanks to imagemagick. Here are the steps to follow: install imagemagick – for debian/ubuntu: sudo apt-get install imagemagick go to your folder: cd <path_to_my_folder> reisze your pictures: for file in *.jpg; do convert $file -resize 1024×1024 -quality 90 resized_$file; done that’s it! once process is finished, you will see all resized files: ls resized_*.jpg This is very useful to minimize space used on cloud storage (ex: picasa, googledrive, …), speed up upload of pictures and number of pictures that can be stored! Even better: imagemagick keeps ratio when resizing […]

find your bios version directly from bash (ubuntu / debian)

To find your bios version, simply run “dmidecode -s bios-version” as root sources http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=857399