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listen to any port / sniff any tcp port – linux

Here is a very nice package to listen to tcp ports: sudo apt-get install tcpflow To activate it, run: sudo tcpflow -i any -C -e port XXXX Options may vary based on version of the tool. tcpflow -h for more details sources http://superuser.com/questions/23180/whats-the-easiest-way-to-sniff-tcp-traffic-data-on-linux

monitor files being accesssed

There is a great tool to identify files being access: inotifywait steps make sure inotify package is installed sudo apt-get install inotify-tools simply run inotifywait -m -r –format ‘%:e %f’ . all files being accessed will be displayed Additional filtering and output formatting options are available, `man inotifywait` for more information. Note that inotifywatch is also available, no monitor files for a given timeperiod. examples //1. listen to all events on all files (recursively) within current directory with output of type “EVENT_TYPE file_name” inotifywait -m -r –format ‘%:e %f’ . // 2. listen to event MODIFY (i.e. writing content) on […]