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gnome – change default screenshot program

Default screenshot program is easy to use and does the job. If you want to go slightly forward, such as selecting screenshot area, editing screenshot and so on, you should give a go to “shutter” as an alternative. steps install shutter: sudo apt-get install shutter set up shutter as default application go to keyboard shortcuts under tab “Customs Shortcuts” create a new shortcut running “shutter -s”, as per below assign the print-screen button as activation button for this shortcut, as per below done! sources http://askubuntu.com/questions/252717/how-to-make-shutter-as-the-default-screenshot-tool  

silence camera sound when taking picture in samsung galaxy s3 4g

Unfortunately there is no menu allowing to turn off sound when takin gpictures with my samsung s3 4g. Even when all sound volumes are set to no-sound levels, camera is still generating noise! Here is how I did to turn it off forever: It is necessary to gain root access: SRSRoot Once Click Root free software worked fine for me (second rooting method) Once rooting is successful, install adb and connect via console to your phone by running adb shell From within the shell, activate root user by running su At this stage, connection is still read-only, it is now […]