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ubuntu with gnome 3 – change login screen logo [solved]

To change login screen logo on ubuntu with gnome 3, proceed as follows: sudo apt-get install dconf-editor open dconf-editor as root: sudo dconf-editor navigate to org > gnome > login-screen update value of “logo” variable to the path of logo file to use restart GDM And voilà! sources http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/04/ubuntu-14-04-change-login-screen-background-remove-the-white-dots/ http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29189648/why-cant-i-change-the-gnome-login-screen-logo  

resize multiple images using shell

Good news for linux users, bulk resizing pictures is extremely easy thanks to imagemagick. Here are the steps to follow: install imagemagick – for debian/ubuntu: sudo apt-get install imagemagick go to your folder: cd <path_to_my_folder> reisze your pictures: for file in *.jpg; do convert $file -resize 1024×1024 -quality 90 resized_$file; done that’s it! once process is finished, you will see all resized files: ls resized_*.jpg This is very useful to minimize space used on cloud storage (ex: picasa, googledrive, …), speed up upload of pictures and number of pictures that can be stored! Even better: imagemagick keeps ratio when resizing […]

ubuntu 12.10: remote desktop is not refreshing [solved]

When connecting to another computer using remote desktop or another vnc client (such as vncviewer available in xvnc4viewer package), initial screen is the remote computer screen but after that there is no screen refresh. Mouse is moving but screen is not refreshing. Apparently this is caused by the nice visual effects of new ubuntu interface. Solution Disable these effects. Ask remote user to do the following: logout In login screen, ensure username is selected/active Right next to username, click on icon Select “Gnome (no effects”) Enter password to log into the computer That’s it. Connect with vnc and everything should […]