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Connect to Oracle DB from Excel

Steps to connect to oracle db using TNS on windows xp & excel 2010 [A. create and configure TNS] create file named tnsnames.ora under c:\oracle\tnsnames\ and store tns definition as per below (as example only): LOCALORCL11R2V = ( DESCRIPTION=( ADDRESS_LIST=(LOAD_BALANCE=ON)(FAILOVER=ON)( ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=<server1>)(PORT=1521) )( ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=<server2>)(PORT=1521) )( ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=<server3>)(PORT=1521) )( ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=<server4>)(PORT=1521) ) )( CONNECT_DATA=(SERVER=dedicated)(SERVICE_NAME=<service_name>) ) ) set up global variable TNS_ADMIN to point to folder where tnsnames.ora file has been created click on start menu > right click on computer name > select “properties” as per below screenshot go to “Advanced” tab > click on “Environment Variables” > “New” and create variable TNS_ADMIN to make it […]

google script equivalent of xlDown, xlRight

I recently started creating scripts for google spreadsheet documents, the javascript based scripts. Unfortunately, I could not find the equivalent of xls vba range(“A1”).end(xlDown) in native google script functions. As such I created a working js equivalent. Only issue with it is performance. It is not really fast, but this is more due to Apps Script rather than the code itself or the fact that it is written in js. In case someone find a native equivalent to this function, please do not hesitate to share. /** * V0.2 => PERF IMPROVED * * Home-made equivalent of xls range().end(xlToRight) function […]